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For an experienced logging company, choose RGM Holdings Ltd., the lumberjacks with over 100 combined years of experience. We are the expert logging company in western Canada. We have an excellent safety record and a variety of machines that allow us to get the job done the right way, no matter what. We use skidders, log loaders, dozers, logging trucks, and more in our work. You can rely on our workers and our equipment to back you up. 

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We provide a variety of services, such as:

Cash for land and timber

Land/real estate development

Stump to dump logging

Road building

Log hauling

Land clearing

Fire protection harvesting

Fire Protection Harvesting

Forest fires cause untold amounts of damage every year and can force many people out of their homes. One of our specialties is fire protection harvesting, selective logging, a process that is intended to help prevent the spread of fires. This method means there is less material to burn, leaving the forest less densely covered in brush so that the fire won’t be able to spread as quickly.


RGM Holdings Ltd. offers professional logging services in western Canada.

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